The Benefits of Email Marketing

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The Benefits of Email Marketing

Regardless if you’re just starting to build your email list, looking to grow it further, or trying to improve an underperforming email campaign, here are five reasons why you should bite the bullet and invest in email marketing to grow your business.

Email Marketing is Targeted

By growing an email list around quality subscribers who are genuinely interested in a particular niche, you will be able to increase the effectiveness of your marketing and increase your conversion by only targeting people you know will enjoy or benefit from your content.

These recipients should have provided you permission to contact them, for example by completing an opt-in form on your website.

The ability to contact a highly concentrated group of individuals (based on their interests), who want to receive your marketing, means email marketing can be very targeted.

Non-targeted forms of marketing differ significantly, for example, billboard adverts or television adverts, where a large proportion of the people who see an advert won’t be interested in the niche, won’t have asked to receive the marketing, and likely won’t recognize the company.

As a result, non-targeted forms of marketing have much lower conversion rates than email marketing.

Did you know?

You can achieve a higher degree of targeting in email marketing via segmentation.

Segmentation is where you split your overall email list into different categories or groups

depending on specific criteria, for example:

  • How you captured the subscriber’s email address, for example through a sale or onsite opt-in form.
  • A subscriber’s age, gender, or the country in which they live.

Segmentation makes it possible to deliver customized and highly relevant emails that are personalized for specific groups.

This relevancy leads to email open rates that are 14.41% higher than with non-segmented campaigns, increased loyalty, and ultimately increased conversion rates.

Email Marketing Provides More Bang for Your Buck


Email marketing is much cheaper than other popular forms of marketing, including postal campaigns, telesales, and advertising in a magazine, on a billboard or television.

While Email Service Providers (companies which provide the infrastructure through which you can send large quantities of emails simultaneously) charge fees for sending emails, these will be much lower than the print, postage and advertising costs associated with other forms of marketing.


Email marketing is much more effective than social media sites such as Facebook when it comes to getting your message seen.

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