The Fundamentals of the Truck Advertising Scorecard

The indicators that can be used in developing the truck advertising scorecard may not be too many. These indicators should be carefully chosen so as to have clear perspectives to be included in the scorecard for performance measure. Outdoor advertising is one of the popular forms of advertising. This is characterized by placing ads, banners, and […]

A very serious letter to all Businessmen-everywhere!

The advertising world continues to retain a mind-boggling belief in its own superiority despite this being eroded daily by the publication of facts stating that advertising does not work! Neither the Internet nor traditional media have been proven to be effective – in fact the very opposite. Eric Clemons, Professor of Operations & Information Management at […]

Advertising – Precious Information Or Vicious Manipulation?

ADVERTISING – PRESCIOUS INFORMATION OR VICIOUS MANIPULATION? In order to get insights into the consumer perception about the role of advertising we have reviewed a number of articles and conducted four in-depth interviews. A number of research papers reach opposed conclusions. These vary from the ones stating that “the ethicality of a firm’s behavior is […]