The Fundamentals of the Truck Advertising Scorecard

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The Fundamentals of the Truck Advertising Scorecard

The indicators that can be used in developing the truck advertising scorecard may not be too many. These indicators should be carefully chosen so as to have clear perspectives to be included in the scorecard for performance measure.

Outdoor advertising is one of the popular forms of advertising. This is characterized by placing ads, banners, and other promotional materials outside the domicile of the target markets. Among the advertising campaign that falls under this advertising form is truck advertising.

Poor targeting has been regarded an attribute of outdoor advertising. This is because there is no audience selectivity when the advertising is applied.

Moreover, there is slow response speed and nil response percentage in outdoor advertising. The cost per contact in this form of advertising can be very low. Response volume may be hard to assess as well. Because of these unfavourable attributes, outdoor advertising has been regarded a supporting campaign of other forms of advertising aimed to boost customer traffic and consumer awareness. Using the campaign should not be used separately.

Truck advertising, being a part of outdoor advertising, also has those attributes. In spite of these poor attributes, there is still that tendency of bringing the advertised message exposed to different people. However, there are just too many negative attributes to consider in the process. For instance, selecting the market among the group of people may be difficult to do. The likelihood of gaining large audiences to respond to the messages in truck advertising exists, however, estimating the numbers is rather unlikely.

The effectiveness and efficiency of truck advertising, though measurable, would need indicators for assessment. In identifying these indicators, it is important to consider the size, site selection, and visibility in the application of truck advertising. Cost is also included, as well as the manner of positioning the ads in the marketing strategy.

An effective marketing plan is vital in truck advertising. Advertisers and companies must include in the plan the proper sites that are likely to bring large audiences or routes during the truck advertising activity. The plan must also include estimates of probable results and indicators that can be used to determine the performance, efficacy, and efficiency of the advertising campaign.

The advertising float is an example of truck advertising. There is a creative approach in this form of advertising. Although creativity is important, it must also bring a clear and distinct message to the market.

The share of market is an indicator is truck advertising. The market share can be assessed before the advertising campaign is implemented. Then it can be compared or measured for any changes in the market share during the phase of the marketing campaign.

The duration of the marketing campaign is another indicator that can be used in determining its effect. This is a measurable indicator that must be planned out and recorded. The length of time for having truck advertising can incur cost. Thus, it is important to have a budget for the campaign to compare it to the actual cost incurred. Budget is also a KPI in truck advertising.

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