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Bulk Email Marketing Tips

Bulk Email Marketing is a marketing strategy where a marketer or business owner usually sends email marketing messages or newsletters to a huge list of subscribers. It is also referred to as “mass email marketing.” This type of marketing strategy can help promote your products and services. However, it can also blacklist your business as spam by your prospects and subscribers. Most especially if you don’t practice the important principles of email marketing.

To prevent your mass email marketing campaign from being regarded as spam, you have to make sure that you follow the necessary email marketing guidelines.

Here are some email marketing tips to make your mass email marketing successful:

Email Marketing Tip #1: The Subject Line.  This is the first thing that subscribers will see as soon as they check their inbox. That is why your email copywriting subject line must be powerful enough to make them feel compelled to open it. You may also include the company name in the subject line. This will allow subscribers to recognize that the email message is from a trusted source.

Email Marketing Tip #2: The Design.  If you want to attract more prospects and customers, then you must go beyond sending email messages with plain text. Your email content must have a colorful and attractive design that will entice people to open, read and check out your product. To make your branding more effective, you must include your business logo together with images of the product. This is more attractive than just plain text.

Email Marketing Tip #3: The Spam Filters.  This is another element that every business owner or marketer has to worry about. No one would want their email messages to look like spam. That is why your email content must look seamless and refined. Refrain from using symbols of financial units to trick readers that they can make money with your product. This gets usually blocked by spam filters. Emails that look non-sense with plenty of grammar and spelling errors are usually blocked as well. If possible, you can ask your subscribers to include your email address on their contact list. More importantly, your email must be useful and informative. These things will help your emails avoid the spam filters.

Email Marketing Tip #4: The Message.  The email copy itself must be written in a way that will not make your subscribers think that you are just there to sell something. To avoid this, your mass email marketing messages must be written in newsletter form. This format tells subscribers what is going on with your company. It also provides an update on your newest line of products and any promotional events. An email newsletter form enables you to discuss the benefits of availing the product.

Email Marketing Tip #5: The unsubscription link. You must always have an unsubscription link in your email.If the user unsubscribes from your list, you must stop sending emails to that email address.

Email Marketing Tip #6: Email redundancy. Avoid sending same message multiple times to same email ID. Your Email Marketing Software should have reliable tracking to control redundant emails.

Email Marketing Tip #7: Email Attachments. Many email clients will not allow attachments while receiving and may mark such email as SPAM or move to JUNK folders. You need to avoid attachments to reach your subscribers’ inbox. In case if you want to show some attachments to your subscribers’, upload on your website and send an URL to download the file.

Email Marketing Tip #8: Email Content. Try to reduce the email content in order to deliver fast and also to improve readers count. Make simple and clear text message with link to your site regarding the announcement. Email Marketing best practices is to avoid SPAM and reaching recipients’ inbox. Text emails are faster than HTML emails and may avoid many SPAM issue.

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